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Hi! You've reached the website of Boston Junior Derby, Boston's first and only junior roller derby program for girls ages 7-17.

Mission Statement

Boston Junior Derby is a volunteer operated, skater-run roller derby league that aims to bring the empowering sport of flat track roller derby to the Boston area for girls and gender expansive kids ages 7-17. Within a supportive environment of strategy and teamwork, our coaches will provide children an opportunity to build trust, a healthy sense of competitiveness, athletic strength, friendships, and respect for themselves and others – both on and off the track.

Boston Junior Derby will teach the safe processes and derby skills needed to create the competitive youth teams that will come together at the Junior roller derby level.

Boston Junior Derby is an equal opportunity club and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or color.

For more information, please contact us at or see our orientation packet.

League Structure

Boston Junior Derby is committed to creating an environment for skaters, by skaters. Skaters of our league will be expected to attend practices, to participate in league events and to be involved in the strengthening of our league.

The Boston Junior Derby season will be divided into three sessions throughout the year, each lasting approximately three months. Sessions will be held in the Fall (September-December), Winter (January-March), and Spring (April-June).

Level Divisions

Boston Junior Derby is delineated into a total of three levels. New skaters begin in Intros, where they will learn basic skating skills. Following Intros, skaters can progress into Level 1 or Level 2, depending on their age.

  1. Intros (Beginners, Ages 7+)
    Skaters are non-contact, non-scrimmaging, and just learning to skate.
  2. Level 1 (Positional play only / non-contact, ages 7-10)
    Skaters are just starting to learn the game and how to block positionally.
  3. Levels 2/3 (Level 2 is ages 11 and up, Level 3 is ages 14 and up)
    Skaters partake in minimal contact, learning of strategy, playing with pushing and leaning, and learning how to hit safely. Then move on to WFTDA standard play, with very minor modifications to the rule set. Continuing strong emphasis on strategy and game play.

In addition to fostering a good attitude, resiliency, and coachability, coaches at Boston Junior will teach a number of skills depending on the Level.

Beginner Skills

Skills taught in Level 0 that will need to be successfully met to move into upper levels are:

  1. Good skating posture
  2. Confident steady stride
  3. Stops
    • Left/Right Plow Stop
    • Both Legs Plow Stop
    • Left/Right T Stop
    • Left/Right Turning Toe Stop
  4. Falls
    • Left/Right Knee Falls
    • Double Knee Fall
    • Left/Right Knee Fall with 180 Degree Turn
  5. Balance/Agility:
    • Must be able to do the following without loss of balance
      • Stepping from a standstill
      • Forwards to backwards
      • Move side to side
    • Squatting
      • Can squat and coast through an entire straightaway and/or turn
      • Squats and propels self on straightaways and turns
  6. Speed: 7 laps in 2 minutes on WFTDA track
  7. Rules: Completes written test with fewer than 2 questions wrong

Younger Skater Skills

Skills taught:

  1. Footwork
    • Shuffling
    • Grapevines
    • Lateral Movement
    • Cross-track cut aka lunges
  2. Weaving
  3. Roller derby pack awareness
  4. Positional awareness, including positional blocking
  5. Whips/Assists
    • Arm whips
    • Hip whips
    • Pushes
  6. Speed: 15 laps in 3 minutes on WFTDA track
  7. Rules: Fewer than four questions wrong on a 20 question written test

Olders Skater Skills

  1. Inclusive of Younger Skater Skills
  2. Full contact body checks
    • Hip Hits
    • Booty blocking
    • Shoulder checking
  3. Offensive and Defensive Strategy
  4. Full WFTDA play

Skater assessments will be conducted at the end of each three month session. The dates of assessments will be determined for each session. Once skaters pass Level 0, they become official league members.

For More Information About Roller Derby...

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Practices will be held at Fort Independence, a shared private warehouse space with Boston Roller Derby in Lynn, MA.


The Spring 2020 session for Intros and Levels 1/2/3 will run from April 24 - June 27, 2020.

There are two weekly practices for each level:

  • Weekday:
    • Intros/Level 1: Wednesdays 6:00-7:30 pm
    • Levels 2/3: Thursdays 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Weekend:
    • Levels 1/2/3: Saturdays 11 am - 12:30 pm
    • Intros: Saturdays 12:30 - 2 pm

If skaters will be absent from practice, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to the practice she will be missing.

For the practice schedule and other events, please see this Google Calendar.

How to Prepare

Skaters should be geared up and ready to skate by practice time, so you should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before practice.

Practices will mainly teach students skating skills, but will also incorporate endurance and strength training. If your child needs an inhaler or any other medical device to aid them with sports, please do let the coaches know and we encourage them to bring it.

We encourage helping your child stay hydrated throughout the day and bringing a water bottle with them to practice. They should dress in athletic and weather appropriate clothing as the warehouse does not have central cooling or heating.

Skaters should also pack a small snack with them that can be consumed quickly for practices that last up to two hours!

Getting Geared Up

Providing good gear for your child is the best way to keep them safe and help prevent sports injury. To join Boston Junior Derby, we require that all skaters have:

  • Helmet (not soft cushioned)
  • Wrist Guards
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Mouth Guard
  • Sneakers

... and of course, Quad Skates

We will be offering a limited amount of discounted skates that may be rented for each session. If you can purchase the gear for your child we recommend The Bruised Boutique in Nashua, New Hampshire as well as local sports and hockey stores.

Don’t forget: Boston Junior Derby parents get 10% off at Bruised Boutique!

Gear Description

  • Helmets
    Helmets are vital for the safety of the skater and as a preventative tool for possible concussions. We suggest outfitting your child with a hard-foam-lined, multi-impact CPSC/ASTM helmet. Skaters should wear a piece of tape with their name on the on the back of the helmet to help coaches and their new teammates.
  • Wrist Guards
    We suggest wrist guards with splints on both sides in order to best protect your children's hands and wrists. These should be inspected frequently.
  • Knee Pads
    Knee pads should also fit snug on the skater. Gaskets can also be used to minimize pain and to keep pads from sliding. Check knee pads regularly to make sure they have not worn out; signs include cracks, rips and exposed rivets.
  • Elbow Pads
    Elbow pads, like knee pads, should also fit snug on the skater’s arms.
  • Mouth Guard
    Good mouthguards are another way to prevent head and mouth injuries. Typical roller derby mouthguards are often also used for football and can be boiled and molded. If your child wears braces, a non-molded mouthguard may be optimal.
  • Sneakers
    Your child should have a good pair of sneakers for any off-skates training during practice.
  • Skates
    Skate may not be inline skates, must be quad.
  • Finally, skater gear will end up smelling if not aired out after every practice! We recommend soaking and air-drying your child’s pads to prevent bacterial growth once or twice a month -- depending on the season. Washing machines can be used, but make sure the Velcro is covered to keep it from fraying.


    Thank you to the Bruised Boutique for sponsoring our league members with their expertise, helpful advice, and gear discounts!

    Upcoming Sessions

    Registration is now open!

    Spring 2020: April - June

    Sign up for Junior Derby!

    Want to join the roller derby revolution? We can't wait to have you. Here are a few things you need to know before joining Boston Junior Derby.

    Membership Requirements

    In order to register with Boston Junior Derby, skaters must provide the following:

    • Photo ID / Birth Certificate (copy)
    • Health Registration / Parental Authorization & Medical Release Form
    • Health Insurance card (copy)

    And please take a moment to review these documents with your skater:


    • Dues must be paid at the beginning of each session for the complete session.
    • Dues will be $165 for the 3 month session per skater. Insurance is tacked on to the session cost.
    • Skater scholarships will be provided for skaters who demonstrate need.


    Contact Information!

    Have any other questions, concerns, comments, or queries? Email us at